Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wed. in VA (Wed. in IN in real time)

I know it's a week later but considering my record I think I'm doing pretty well with this blogging of the vacation. I'm sure the 5 of you are on pins and needles waiting for the next post :)

Wednesday, we started off in Jamestown, Va. We went to Jamestown Settlement. There is a Historical Jamestown for 10 more George Washingtons but we decided against that. We got the Jamestown with the Yorktown for a combo deal of 20 GWs. Not a bad deal considering we got 7 days at Williamsburg through the condo for less than 1 day price at CW. We left before the tickets were expired. We considered selling them in the parking lot but decided against it.

Jamestown - get this peeps they open at 9 and start the must see orientation movie at 9 - What genius thought of this? We are there before they open the doors and inform us the next movie starts at 9:30 - The guy let us in because you know it just started. And get this no photos allowed in the gallery??? Do they not know people blog!

Did you know the less clothes the women (Natives, and then African slaves) wore the lower the class ... is this still not the case? And do you wonder if the Slaves thought of the Indians as savages, too? And please forgive if I'm not being politically correct. It's the terms I remember from the exhibit.

Kitchen - They actually remove the gray embers and cook on those.
After the gallery, there was an Indian village, then the ships!!!!! and then the fort. This was done in about 4 hours and it would have taken longer I'm sure but we're getting pretty good at skipping over the things that don't interest us all that much. Like we spent lots of time in the church in the fort and on the big ship where there is lots of walking around and seeing of people and asking of questions.

I'm tattling by saying JJL did NOT take this moment to preach the Gospel like we've been learning to do from Sunday sermons

It was then back to Williamsburg. They were having a special talk about old maps and the like. And I like. So we go to the basically the real museum museum of CW. It shares buildings with the old hospital, mental that is ... wahahaha.

Well, the tour begins and there are too many people in a too small of space that there is no way to see the map the retired school administrator is talking about at the time he is talking about. BTW: did you know that North wasn't always at the top of page? some of the earlier maps it was to the right because that's where their "north" laid.

Well we get to the museum we are told about a lecture (I like lectures) on George Washington and his relationship with Lafayette.

Hand crank record player. The leathery tongue movies when it plays

In between skipping out on the map and before getting in line for the lecture we peruse the museum. We see funky musical instruments and then we see Signs, Statues and weather vanes say it with me kids ... AWESOME!

We are front row for the lecture and these seats are not wide hip friendly. And while we wait and the place fills up. I notice we are THE youngest by a good 20 years ... then we start doing the time thing and figured it will be very late when we leave here. All these people must have caught the 4 O'clock early bird special. So we ended up leaving and going to Captain George's the coolest, biggest, seafood buffet.

 JJL and I thought we were cool know it all crab leg eaters ... I have been shamed. A couple sitting at the table near us, the woman had 3 ... 3! plates piled HIGH with the legs. JJL and I proceeded to talk about how the legs will get cold and why get so many at once. We looked over the legs were GONE! They then proceeded to sit for like 45 min and then they went and got everything but crab legs. It confused us to no end why people would fill up on mac & cheese at a seafood buffet that cost $30. AND I noticed they put all the fat people the farthest away and the most stairs from the buffet. 

And then I heard Steve Jobs passed away and ... that's all I got to say about that.

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