Friday, October 7, 2011

Tuesday Outing

We headed out early to Colonial Williamsburg. Our first stop was the orientation walk where we learned how to read the schedule of events and just basic information.

Practice 18th century writing

Then it was off to reserve our spot to have a conversation with George Washington.

At the time of the talk, he's at the end of 2nd term and is not running a third.
JJL of course raised his hand and asked President Washington what he thought his greatest accomplishment was while in office. The pres being a rather humble and stoic individual didn't account any accomplishment for his own.

He ended by getting off the stage allowing us a "quick sketch". JJL took that opportunity to ask another question for which George came out of character,  rare thing! He then proceeded to acknowledge JJL service in the Coast Guard. These characters know their role so well its as if your speaking to the actual person. It reminds me of when we went and saw Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain.

We attended an 18th century county court hearing. They asked for a married or want to be married couple to volunteer. JJL surprised me and volunteered us. The case was we were essentially asking for a pre-nup where my holdings would not become my husband's and he would not be required to provide protection or to say pay the executioner if I were to hang if found guilty of oh - murder. And of course being nervous and NEVER being on trial I answered the Judge with a "yep". This of course got corrected by the Judge. He also made the comment along the lines of you can't help who love chooses kinda like disease.

We were then recognized for the rest of the day by others that were in the courtroom. And JJL more than once said through out the week after I spoke boldly, "good thing I got that petition."

We had lunch in the area and then made are way back - all the while stopping in different trade buildings - to where they put on Revolutionary skits and
Blacksmith - the guy on the right has a 1776 tattoo he got before working at CW
Market Square
Printer/Bindery and official Post Office - I love the "human alphabet" that I got the doll.
Talk of rebellion

Talk of freedom?
ending with a reading of the Declaration of Independence by about 7 different people ... goose bump worthy! and for JJL who served ... tear jerking.

I have more photos on Facebook and I would appreciate comments on the more arty type photos :)

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