Monday, May 21, 2012

Thought post #3 or More Like Whining

I'm thinking the trick to me blogging more is to make the entries shorter. Like longer than a status update but shorter than what I have blogged so far. Of course I'm not the frequent status updater either. I don't even check-in with foursquare at each stop.

The point today is to put the question of why does it seem everything breaks down at the same time? First of all simply asking the question "why" is pointless. We learn that at the age of 2 when we finally get the answer of, "because I said so" after the 10th why question.

In the last week, DVD player stopped turning on, the dryer stopped heating, the refrigerator stopped cooling, the television decided to show some new lines.
We decided to get a new DVD player of course it doesn't work on the old TV which makes the decision of getting a new TV not all that difficult. We got the refrigerator fixed before any food lost was made - the only lost was out of pocket. And on that note there should be a ceiling rate - for instance they shouldn't be able to charge any more than say 3 times the cost of the part or something like that.

We have someone coming to look at the dryer hopefully thats just a part charge. Since starting this entry it got fixed by the friend and yes only charged us for the part! Blessings to him and his family!

But really we have the means to fix everything it just wasn't our first choice. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I know we are blessed by God. If the past has shown us anything we hoard the tax check for when things do break down. 

Something else occurred to me when I woke up this morning that what I was waking up to do was the same thing I was waking up to yesterday and the day before. Oh hum ... back to the bright side of that I'm able to wake up walk to the bathroom. I have a reason to get up even if it is to go to work.
Is the key to not having a robot life in the career you choose? Or is it all in the attitude one takes? Is it dependent on what fulfills you in life? Do you want to be defined by your career or by the kind of person you are? This is all before 7am folks! I can't make up the stuff that goes through my head - wait did anyone catch the irony of that statement? 

Hopefully my office slash the hanging closet will be finished and I'll post that transformation. I and most people I know wish I took a before picture that would really enhance that little teaser. Exciting stuff here at the Locke Cottage.