Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yorktown Victory Center

Tried the camera stitching not bad except there is no curve in reality.

Forget about the saying, "It's not like it's brain surgery." or "It's not rocket science." from now on I'm going to say, "It's not marriage communication." Is there such a thing as complete knowledge of the other person that you do in fact finish each others sentences? Maybe there is ... but I can say the same thing every day and every day it could be taken differently. I see older couples and they seem to communicate without talking or have they just given up trying? Is complete and utter perfect communication attainable or did the Tower of Babylon destroy ALL perfect communication?

I guess you can say the marriage took a hit yesterday but not anything we can't recover from.

On the way to Yorktown we took Colonial National Historic Parkway. The speed limit is 45, there are no lines, it's made of what looks like rock and lined with trees, no passing, as little photo spots with historical markers and you go under an occasional red brick overpass. If I would ever lose sight and God willing I won't but colors are what I will miss the most. 

To see all the photos from the day, I posted them on Facebook.

I found the next thing very interesting ... and it came to me that people have got the whole thing of separation of church and state backwards. It was set up to not separate church out of state but state out of church. 

Virgina's House of Burgesses supports Boston by observing a day of fasting and prayer.

There were a couple of instances where JJL and I had to walk away from other tourists. The questions they asked literally made me go "duh!" I have a higher tolerance for teenagers asking questions that the guide JUST answered more than I can adults. For instance the guide was telling how a farm home in the late 1700s was like he tells us the parents slept in the visible bed and the children upstairs and this lady asks how do they get up there. I don't know perhaps by those stairs right by the end of the bed? What other answer could there be? So maybe I'm harsh. BUT COME ON PEOPLE! THINK! - Am I possibly a history snob? This was by far NOT my first colonial home. Am I assuming most Americans should know their own history in the VERY least have watched just one episode of Little House on the Prairie?

We came back to the condo had some more spaghetti squash and completely and totally conked out! I got up and watched Mike & Molly - I L O V E this show! and at some point JJL woke up and downloaded more apps. 
We both felt bad for sleeping on vacation ... CrAzY! And It's equally crazy how bad I am jonesin' for someone to critique my photos and tell me how I can improve. Why do we take photos? Is it to remember where we have been and the time we spent there? 

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