Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lecture Series

I miss college for the lecture series ... spells N-E-R-D. Seriously, I remember more of my experiences outside of the classroom then in. Probably because I didn't spend too much time IN the classroom. And that's why years later I finished at Goshen college - OOOO! can I count that as project completed?



I was remembering seeing Bill Cosby (mostly because I've been watching the Cosby show on instant Netflix through the Wii) from the second balcony at Elliott Hall of Music which is still a good seat. As we were leaving I thought of one of the jokes in the staircase and then the contagious laughter echoing down still makes me smile. I went with a male friend at the time ... he was blond ... lived at the quad? I think so ... The quad - what cool rooms they have.

The quad makes me think of another friend always on his way to get a banana for a hangover. He was a dreamy friend - he played tennis and worked on lakes collecting water samples over the summer. We met through the ride board. I needed a ride to Milford and he thought it was South Milford near where he was but luckily he had a friend that live in Wakarusa so the friend would give me a ride to Nappanee where I have family.

O! and I saw Robert Fulghum the author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten

and many others. I believe I have his complete works - might have to check on that. I had AWE SOME seats for that. Don't remember who I went with ... at... all.

Last year sometime GHP4M (God Hand Picked For Me - Jason, loving and loved husband - still working on a good Blog name for the husband I'll take suggestions) and I went to see Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain at IPFW -


Sensational! I was rather honked at the youngins (and I say this with shawl and cane and continuous shake of the head) not paying attention, playing with their lighted up in a dark theater cell phones. I was told they may be getting extra credit by showing up. So perhaps the major I majored in will become a major?

Would have I done the same when I was their age? I don't think so - I have that old soul thing going ... which doesn't make sense since I feel like I'm perpetually in Jr. High. - Unless of course and this I do believe, I had an old soul then too.

I now catch myself stopping on the PBS station almost as much as when I was pre-kindergarten. I only got to watch it when Grandma picked me up from the babysitter. Not when my mother was home, which after watching Fred Rogers as an adult I really can't blame her. BUT SERIOUSLY! - Zoom! will always be cool! It's where I learned to eat popcorn off my shoulder and write my name with my toes.

In light of my lecture series withdrawal I "liked" Elliot Music Hall on facebook to hopefully hear of someone I will want to listen to and earn some extra credit in life.

Indiana Trivia: Aviatrix Amelia Earhart was once a Professor at Purdue University.


  1. ><>
    Never stop learning. You never know what the knew found knowledge may lead to.

  2. You have better memories of Elliott than I do...I just remember chemistry finals.

  3. Loved your "old soul" inner dialogue! :) Girl - this blog is perfectly you!