Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Blog?

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you after saying how loud I am of course is that I'm frugal with words. To the point where most people have no clue as to what I'm saying. I have noticed I usually need an interpreter to explain to those that are not familiar with my communication skills.

 I actually have no idea what people would tell other people, who am I kidding? ... SQUIRREL!

So back to why ...

I don't like jumping on bandwagons but after getting addicted to several blogs it's convinced me to jump - wahoo! I was also leery of blogging due to my traumatic experience in jr. high school with note passing. Because once it's written it's written and there's proof that you've written it. I believe several politicians/celebrities have learned that the hard way.

As described I'm a project finisher of not much ... Right so uh, this may end up being something started and later disregarded.

Then I thought perhaps for blog fodder I could finish a project. OR would I end up blogging about said unfinished project instead of finishing said project.

 (said anything sure makes it sound like I know what I'm saying)

The following is unfinished due to there are two of them.

I have also gotten addicted to thank you Linds! The problem is I can't pin from facebook and therefore can't share artwork and the such with the WORLD! Wahahaha - Blogging provides that avenue.

and I will try to end with a little Indiana trivia such as this:

The movie "Hard Rain" was filmed in Huntingburg.

Tell me what you think of the layout and colors and because apparently what people are saying quite frequently lately is that I'm a perfectionist.


  1. why do I have the feeling this would be the blog
    Seinfeld would have written into the show about nothing, had blogs been a thing back then. Love it!

  2. Ha! I love Ryan's comment! Yay, I get to hear the ramblings of your mind! :-)

  3. The squirl thing happens alot to my wonderful wife. I have been on this train for almost 7 years now and finally I get to take a trip through her mind. Maybe now I will understand her better :)

  4. I like blogs. Even if they are infrequent. And I like the old house feel of this one. And I've never had much trouble understanding you, but I also have a battalion of squirrels in my mind, so....

  5. Carly, you would be one of my interpreters
    Ryan, that may be the nicest thing you've ever said to me - thanks!
    Jason, Really this is it? this is what it will take? love you :)