Monday, June 27, 2011

Yellow #2 Pencil

I love me some yellow #2 6-sided pencil made out of REAL wood. There's a difference you know. The real wood kind sharpens better. The other kind you can here the sharpener protest at having to sharpen such an inferior product. The REAL wood kind you can see the wood splinter a bit and it has a better smell. That's right a better smell. Sharpened pencils are like fresh cut grass, baked apple pie and fall bonfires.

Yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencil also draws better. I know it's crazy. but. true. I have all the other fancy pencils. But really all you need is a yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencil.

I read an article on this artist that only used an ol' regular Bic® ballpoint pen. He was making a point that artists don't have to buy all those expensive "arty supplies". I know I don't HAVE to buy but when I DO there's a little spot in my soul that grows warm and does a little happy dance when I do. 
I love me some yellow #2 6-sided pencil made out of REAL wood - I'm gonna say it MORE than I love a sharpie. I can hear the gasps of people who know me. It's true.

A yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencil reminds me of my Art teacher from High School, Mr. J. He could draw anything without any reference at all. Or at least that's how I remember it. He always had yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencil tucked behind his ear.

Well, today when I was working on decoding a geocache puzzle description my thought was this calls for a yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencil. I'm surprised I was able to solve the puzzle without a yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencil. I'm sure it would have took me less time. Yellow #2 6-sided REAL wood pencils are magical you know ... it's true. Magical. (I'm feeling a little conflicted with my Christian belief - am I "allowed" to believe in Magic? What if I associate with God? Like car-mel vs. care-a-mel? means the same just said differently? Holy-can-of-open-worms-Batman!)

But, alas I could not find one (reason for the no pictures) ...

I use to have so many that I thought I would never run out. But apparently I have or more than likely I can't find where I last put them.

So I just went in search again because just talking about it stirred in me the need to just hold one. I have round pencils but it's not the same. The weight of it feels all wrong.

O well ...


  1. I never thought I would see the day you admitted to a love above Sharpie...

  2. Quite frankly, I am shocked. More than Sharpies? Really? And I thought I knew you. . .

  3. Yes, real wood for sure! And I too love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil. None of those plastic pencils for me! And your "reactions" made me laugh out loud....not too be confused with LOL because that is as fake as a mechanical pencil!

  4. My wife is serious about her #2 pencils. She harped for three weeks for me to find some so I had to cut down our tree to have some made :)