Friday, August 3, 2012

Blah! Ugh! Hum Drum!

I need to start the list of blurbs I've thought of for this picture

I believe I warned I might taper off and not blog all that much.

Since Memorial Day - there has been:

Avon sales - Yeah!

Youth camp out - The coldest weekend I have EVER spent camping. 

Ended teaching Jr. High Sunday school - We studied the 12 Apostles. I had men from the church come in and take on the persona of one of the 12. In most cases the apostle chosen at random made a good fit to the man. Thanks again to the men who took time out to read and prepare to answer questions. 

Barefoot primer - I always thought I was observant and I'm finding out not as much as I'd like. It could be I'm observant but I have the freeze of the "fight or flight or freeze" reaction. Asking God to help me unfreeze so I can fight for the weakest.

Walked Team Hope Huntington's Disease Walk - Did not walk as long as a I wanted to but walked more than I if I hadn't.

Friend's sister died - Not much older than I. At one point she was to be airlifted and was just under the weight limit. This SERIOUSLY scares me. What's the weight limit? And would I have been so lucky?

WFRN Friend Fest -  HOT!!!! Speaking of which I'm done with the hot. It's dreams of snow angels for me. Back to our regular program of Friend Fest - Lost my prescription sunglasses, key to the van and the key fob that gets me into Anytime Fitness. Add that to the list  - JJL and I signed up for membership at Anytime fitness. Not going as well as I hoped. Not as easy to get losing as it was 5 years ago (Yeah, yeah I know, I was 5 years younger.) 

Mason stayed with us - YEAH!! and we didn't get sick double YEAH!!! 

BYIC Engage Conference - Every year it's different but life altering. 

I entered a T-shirt design to Wild Fire Tees to raise money for the victims of Colorado fires. Once again did not hear back. So, apparently I'm the graphic design version of denied Hollywood pass on American Idol. Meaning I got people telling me I'm good but put me in a competition and the pros are saying find something else.

JJL has been working a lot because of back to school sales. 

I have been unfocused. There's tweeting, instagraming, facebooking, T.V. watching, Avon selling, job working, laundry, picking up (can't stay focus long enough to actually clean), excuse making, back pain aching, wallowing, gym avoiding, self doubting, wanting, needing. So true, get rid of the first half of the list and maybe I wouldn't have problems with the latter. And to this I say ... your right. So, why don't I? Because as the Pittsburgh peeps say I'm nebby! I need to know what I'm missing not being in someone else's life, I suppose.

I don't understand how some do it all or at least make it look like they do it all. 

Well, I think that's it. I'm sure there's more. In fact I know there's more but again the focus thing. And I apologize if I led you to believe that this blog would be funnier than it has been. I always did laugh at my jokes more than anyone else did.

INDIANA TRIVIA: Indianapolis grocer Gilbert Van Camp discovered his customers enjoyed an old family recipe for pork and beans in tomato sauce. He opened up a canning company and Van Camp's Pork and Beans became an American staple.

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  1. It's that whole "make it look like they are doing it all" bit....I feel that way a lot too. Like an underacheived American woman who isn't quite living up to her potential. Been reading Brennan Manning's The Furious Love of God. That makes me feel a little less underwhelmed!