Friday, June 15, 2012

Mini Vay Cay

It started a few months ago when JJL was working a lot of nights. The man gets sappy when he doesn't get to spend time with me. Oh all right I get a little forlong forlone forlorn when I don't see him either. I checked and I had some vacation days to use besides the ones I keep for youth conference. The plan was just to stay at home and get some stuff done that is better to do if there are 2 people to do it. Know what I'm sayin'? (FYI - I say this phrase a lot in normal conversation)
The weekend came closer and JJL said two magic words "Mackinaw City". My heart lept into my throat. The reason? ... Let me tell ya little story.

"One time at band camp ..." haha. So it was actually a fine arts camp, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp to be exact. The short of it is I met a boy and at the end of the summer he took me to see his home in Petoskey, MI and we made a side trip up to Mackinaw City. It's late August and I take a gander at a lighthouse, a bridge, water, skies of blue and thought my eyes had never seen a more splendid place. That was darn near 20 years ago. Ever since I got married and we try to decide on trips I always mention Mackinaw City. Since our trips are usually around our anniversary that's in October a trip north is not really conducive to a good time.
So, do you see why I so excited?

Working the timer!

In the end we opted for the best option financially and left Sunday morning, stay 3 whole nights and drive back on Wednesday. The drive was not bad at all (if you discount the rain and prediction of one inch hail as not bad) and after Sunday the stores weren't crowded. Score! I already feel like I take up to much space in the world - like a I'm over lapping onto someone's personal space who might or not be there at the time. So, when stores are not crowded I can freely lap.

Sunday: Walked around Mackinaw City - ate at Darrow's for supper - AWE some pie! Came back to fire on the beach. So we may have not been camping where there is guarantee fire but I say God knew my heart and knew how to romance me without me specifically praying about it. Isn't that what romance is all about? Having things done for you that only someone who truly knows your heart knows to do without the thing being spoken?

Monday: Took a fairly early ferry to Mackinac Island (be still my heart). Went to the fort. Got Fudge at Velvet. Ate at a Pizza joint in Mackinaw City for supper.

Tuesday: Went across the bridge, and went over to Cheboygan (Lighthouse!) Saw My first live and in person porcupine! - ate at the Admiral's for supper. Walked around the city some more.

Wednesday: Drove home with side trip to Petoskey.

Timer on hood of the van. Not the best but gets the point.
This may turn into a yearly thing. We really didn't have a schedule so we weren't rushing and tired. Not that we don't enjoy those types of vacations. This one could have easily have been spent sitting and watching and listening and smelling God's beauty.

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  1. Oh your trip sounds so fun!! The hubby and I were trying to do something quick and easy for a long weekend this summer, and Michigan might just be the ticket!! I need some sitting and watching time too1 :) PS: very cute shot of you two at the 45th. :)