Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's for Real Cause It's for No Reason

I have thoughts. I have going ons. I want to hold them close and keep them to myself thinking no one would understand the incoherent ramblings of a broken soul. I came to this blog space to update and post something, anything. When I did there was a posting saved and all it had was the title above and the following ...

Let me tell you story. 

I'm dying to know what story I was going to tell! That's what I get I guess for not finishing a thought.

I know I have some frustration over this blogging site. I click and it puts the typing at the beginning ??? I want a cool looking site but can't figure out the whole html blah, blah thinga ma ookie wookies. That's what it sounds like to me. Surprise, surprise, I failed the computer class in college.

At any rate October:

First there was a wedding and I was going to blog on these cool quiet toys I made for the nephew to play with at the wedding. First of all he was tired so he didn't even play with them at the wedding and then when I had him for a week he just sucked on them or tore them apart. I don't care about that since I made them for him. It gave me something to do in front of the T.V.

Then Grandpa died ... I still cry when I think of it. I'm still upset that certain people didn't come up to me and tell me how sorry they are - maybe they're not sorry. Maybe they don't understand he was more to me then a Grandpa. He was my constant always there father figure before I had a relationship with the ultimate father figure. And one day I'll blog about him alone but even now I can't see the screen through my tears.

Then there was a reunion! There's something about seeing hot dishes of food wrapped in newspaper and bath towels. How there's one long table of desserts.
How there is an almost guarantee of the best cooking you'll ever eat or at least that's how I remember it. How even though there are plastic plates there's something about eating on OLD cafeteria food trays and how excited I was when I found my own set at a yard sale. There's always talk of remember when we use to have the Yoder Christmas on Christmas day. There use to be skits. There use to be board games. There IS always family. Most would rather not even go and the more the younger the generation the more that feeling grows. But not I. I would like to cuddle up with the warmth of traditions and stories and the laughter of remembering. I could spend my whole day just sitting with these people who if you counted the words don't actually say much.

And with younger generations it gets harder to figure out who descended from which of the 8 elders as I like to call them. So we did a list and I made a graph. My big fat Greek wedding eat your heart out! There are 24 that can claim first cousins! There are 42 second cousins. 50 third cousins. And we have now started the 5th living generation and there are 3.

This got me started thinking about the roots of that tree.  So I have started researching the ancestry. I have come obsessed and have had to take a deep breath and do some prioritizing. It combines history (LOVE!), research (LOVE!) and knowing it connects to me ... that these are the people I come from. It's intoxicating! I will have to blog my findings. A little teaser ... I've started the process to becoming a Daughter of the American Revolution.

Indiana Trivia: If I've done it right ... I have trace my family to living in Indiana before Indiana was a state. Is that even possible? I'll let you know I guess. 


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