Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ferry Ride

I'm going to finish the blogging on the vacation to Williamsburg just so I can say I finished it and get on with the mundane. The longer I wait the more the entry is more pictures than words. Side note it's no wonder God hasn't opened doors to more graphic design freelance with my penchant (I used this word in my last entry, I may try using it in every entry but probably not) for not finishing things.  

Friday in Williamsburg ... It's a day of no real plans, the last day to see things that didn't make the cut earlier in the week. It's the day we turn in tokens we got at the cigar store when we just so happened to show up on token day  - spend so much and get tokens. It's the day I've been waiting to go through the big gift shop at the welcome center to get our souvenirs like a Christmas ornament, a magnet for the fridge, perhaps some Christmas gifts to let the ones we love know we were thinking of them. But just because we didn't get you something don't think we don't love you. It's just I didn't find anything that I liked to get you. I swear I did look.

But first a FREE ride (provided by the Department of Transportation) on a ferry near Jamestown. In fact we'll get a similar view as those that first traveled to this land. History is awesome I don't care what you say. You can't convince me otherwise!

On the trip from Jamestown to the other side we met up with a Purdue grad! He's a retired pharmacist living in Californ I A. And he was in a fraternity so other than attending Purdue we had nothing in common. He asked when I graduated and instead of feeling the need to excuse why I never actually graduated from Purdue ... I lied. JJL of course called me on it later and I explained it's not like he needs to know the truth and the lie is more uhm whats the word ... lazy.

On the other side John Smith built an alternative "fort". You know just in case. At any rate it was not open so we turned around. While we waited JJL took some photos. When it was about time to drive onto the ferry we got asked if our vehicle could be searched, we were randomly picked (the only out of state vehicle and JJL was out taking pictures while we waited, but what EV) and if we chose to decline we would have to find an alternate route. If you wondering we were clean. I waved at the guys at we drove on to the ferry and the one with the gun didn't return the gesture but the one with the dog did. Which just goes to prove people with animals are more friendly than those with guns. Just sayin'.

Well, that was the ferry ride ... Maybe I should have broken all the days up like this because I don't like to read long blogs so what am I doing writing them?
Next up ... The Printer

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