Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I turned Forty. There I said it. It's not as scary as I once thought. It's not even close to how I felt at ... (thirty).

Thirty was an all day cryfestival. I was told it wasn't as bad as being newly divorced rocking a baby to sleep. My response, "At least you've been asked {to be married}."  And then 40 - is only ten years away!

But what a ten years it's been ... I moved back to Indiana, bought a house, got engaged, and somewhere in there started to fix my relationship with God ... that took all of a year or so.

In the next 9 or so ... I got married, regretted buying the house, glad I bought the house, maybe I shouldn't have bought the house, the God relationship always a work in progress.

Definitely feel better about myself and I think that's still a work in progress but also just in time to start loosing it! I had a MAJOR meltdown ... It wasn't pretty ... in fact it was enough to scare JJL to call his mother because he was at work and couldn't snap me out of it. I cried my soul out. It was a cry that felt so good because everything that built up to that cry was being released out in a great rush of tears. I wasn't sure what was going on. It is/was like wires are stripped and not making a full connection. Some would ask how's that different from any other day. It's different in that it's not a facade to hide my brilliance from being used for evil.

Some positives ...  I don't particularly have to color my hair. I have grey/gray but it's not out of control.

Speaking of grey/gray ... how do you spell it? To me grey should be used for evil or depressing things and gray is a happy spelling. Then there is of course warm grey and cool grays ... I know the package has them spelled the same (maybe you can't read that - it's there all the same) but to me that's how I would do it.

and 2 there's still a lot people that didn't realize I was over 30.

I'm not sure if the shock ... seriously they were shocked by my age is due to how I act or if I look the way I do because of how I act. Acting young is not a bad thing I guess as long as it doesn't go into the pathetic ... where people know how old I am and whisper, "that's just wrong".

I remember when my mother turned forty ... 3 kids with the oldest saying "hey, this will be the only time I will be half your age." I have penchant for math.

I would like to go somewhere, where a passport is essential and I'm not talking into Canada cause Canada has never counted as going international especially if you can pick up a radio station.

I read somewhere ... 40 is like the old decade of being young and 50 is the young of the old. I can live with that image.

My birthday was on a Thursday and it turned into an all weekend extravaganza! My movie ticket for One for the Money was a birthday present but it came out on the 26th so JJL argues the birthday actually lasted all month ... whatEV!

The whole month I have been out of sorts and once told by 2 different people that I could be under spiritual attack it's been better. It was just getting my figurative hands on the thing that kept shorting out my thoughts. The enemy only has the power for which you give him and he ain't got no power here.

Interesting thing happened on the way into work one morning ... I was cautioned that the parking lot was slippery by a guy running around in ONLY his boxer briefs ... Forty the year I was semi-streaked.

 Indiana trivia: Indiana's shoreline with Lake Michigan is only 40 miles long, but Indiana is still considered a Great Lakes State.

Crawfordsville is the home of the only known working rotary jail in the United States. The jail with its rotating cellblock was built in 1882 and served as the Montgomery County jail until 1972. It is now a museum. 

Indiana University's greatest swimmer was Mark Spitz, who won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympic games. No other athlete has won so many gold medals in a single year. Well, until Michael Phelps came along ...

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