Monday, March 12, 2012

Whats Been Going On

The things that have been going on that keep going through my head ...

JJL was put into the hospital for cellulitis since he is diabetic it can get bad and then worse pretty quick.
I stopped selling Longaberger and moved on to Avon. Hopefully, I will be more successful.

We (the church) have finished up "not a fan". It's rocked my world. It's partly responsible for my melancholy mood. It might have been better to do when there were more sunny days. But I understand there are some things you just can't help. Rocked my world in that I mostly felt guilty the whole time. You name it I felt guilty about it, yo!

I'm preparing to teach Jr. High Sunday school. I did the suggested curriculum the first year I taught and not that it's not good or needed I saw the youth lacking in other areas. The next year I took them through the books of the Bible. Learning who wrote it and when it was written and basically putting it into context. This year well since it's not started I don't want to ruin the surprise but it should be entertaining in the least :) It is requiring me to rely on other people to be prepared and so maybe this lesson in the end will be more for me than the youth.

I am also mentally preparing myself for our church's Journey to the Cross on Good Friday, April 6th, 1:30 - 7pm. This is the 4th year for it. I ask people to come and check it out and I get blah, blah answers. I guess before I was a tool used by God I was blah, blah about Good Friday too. And true it is during Spring break but I don't recall no Spring break for Jesus in the Bible. It shouldn't matter about the turn out because if one person has a better understanding what happened that many Good Fridays ago then it's all worth it right? 

I also started water exercise every Tuesday and Thursday at Wawasee High School. I got my friend that I met freshman year doing it with me. This is the type of friend that we can not talk to each other for months even years, we get back together and it's like a day hasn't passed. There's none of that where have you been. Because really we know the other is still there. This the friend that I can tell anything to. You know there are certain things you don't talk about with certain friends and the reason is to either avoid the drama, eye roll or spare them having to hear about "it" again, or to avoid a response you think they'll give. With this friend there is none of that. I hear of women talking about their "bestie" and I get tinges of jealousy. I hear this friend talk about her other female friends and I get the enemy whispering I'm not her bestie. I gently shake it out and remember we have a deeper relationship than that.

While waiting for the water exercise class to begin it came up that I won Best of Show in the school's Annual Art Show when I was Junior (most who win this usually win it their Senior year). When the BOS has been won it gets hung between the school's auditorium doors. It's on a 8 year cycle. Then its placed somewhere in the school. New construction new rules. It is now placed by the art rooms. The friend and I went to take a look.

What I want to say about this I won't here in this forum. So, to quote a movie, "Thats's all I got to say about that."

And some Indiana trivia to brighten your day:
Frank Sinatra, one of the most popular of all American singers, got his start as a "lounge singer" in Indiana.

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