Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Achy Breaky Heart

I can't remember REALLY liking My Achy Breaky Heart.
I can't remember REALLY liking the mullet - Business in the front, Party in the back - Law! - who came up with that?

The reason for the "Law!" I just finished The Help - read it you'll understand.

And seriously I don't think you can trust a country singer that doesn't wear a cowboy hat and wears high tops instead of boots.

What brought me to think about the song is that my heart has been breaky and truth be told a little achy.
It could be hormones - insert eye roll here.
It could be because of work schedules and therefore the lack of quality time with JJL. The lack of quality time turns into too much time for the enemy to sneak in and fill my head with lies and images that have long ago been forgiven and forgotten by my redeeming Savior.

I think it started the Sunday before last (because I'm slow at posting) and learning about the organization Tiny Hands.

There are certain things in life that go beyond tears and sadness. There are those things that break my heart. Some things have been done and cannot be changed. Most things are still happening. I would like to "fix" all of them. 

Not only would I love sex trading to be completely nonexistent but for those that have been saved for the images and knowledge of what they now know can be erased. If I am haunted by my past ... do you hear it? My heart is breaking all over again. God is a mighty God and that's got to be some mighty God strength in them.

Things that I can remember that have broken my heart (and some of these are not nearly as breaky - so don't think they are ALL in the same level):
Holocaust museum
The movie Titanic
The movie Pearl Harbor (This one especially since it came right after 9/11)
The attack on 9/11 - I had the day off from work and I was sick. When I came back home from getting cough drops the first plane had hit. While I was watching the report on the first the second one hit. After a while I also turned the radio on. I was on the couch with the visual of T.V. and the sound of radio. I was living in Pittsburgh and 2 people called to see if I was all right because CNN was broadcasting on their ticker tape that Pittsburgh was hit. 

This list is not doing my heart any good ...

I could now give some verbose about Hope and God and everlasting life but that's not my style maybe it should be but I'll leave it to people with better grasp of it. I'm still struggling with sometimes having so much anger over things and how that can occupy the same space where I have the love of God in me. 

Of course love and hate only 2 minutes apart ... haven't heard my theory?
Picture a clock at 6:30 you have apathy no feeling either way your running cold. Farther up the clock it gets hotter so at say 11:59 you got heated anger and at 12:01 you got mad passionate love. Love and hate only 2 minutes apart. 

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