Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So apparently (and I am realizing I start A LOT of my sentences with "So") I'm averaging 1 post a month which tells me either I don't have as many ramblings as I thought or I forget about them before I get them posted....

The first week of August I worked a complete week. The rest of the month I've been doing 4 days. I could get use to that.

Week of the 7th, I was sick on Monday. Just a stomach thing.

Week of the 14th, JJL and I took off for Michigan to see this delightful being.

Mason Paul Bruce Hepler was born 15? weeks early. Weighing in at 1lb. 11oz.
After 9 months, of praying I got to hold him and he did the considerate thing of falling asleep. Mason is the son of my beloved brother and therefore Mason has become the child that has me tightly wound round his little finger. 

Week of the 21st, I used a 1/2 off admission coupon to the Cincinnati Zoo. JJL went of course along with the couple nicknamed Mostin.

It took 7 yes I said 7 hours to get there with breakfast and a major breakdown of frustration of never getting out of the state I love so much. It was not my proudest moment.

JJL for once had control of the new family camera. There are quite a few pictures that I wouldn't have taken and quite a few still in my head that didn't make it onto the memory card. No surprise there. It is interesting to see what JJL considers photo worthy knowing we do not see things the same or even notice the same things. 

We are making plans to get estimates on adding on to our home. We always had the idea we would move. To where? We had no idea but we were going to be ready wherever the Lord led us. Have we given up? Or finally got the hint to grow where we are planted? I suppose the remodel will happen if its the will of God ... because it won't be because of us. Have I mentioned it would open up some space for me to paint ... BONUS! 

Till next month ...

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